STELAR work presented at AGU Chapman conference in Hong Kong

In June 2015 Prof. Steve Darby presented work investingating the role tropical cyclones play on the delivery and transportation of suspended sediment through the Mekong at an AGU Chapman conference in Hong Kong. The conference which focussed on "The evolution of the Asian monsoon and its impact on landscape, environment and society: using the past as the key to the future" was attended by approximately 100 scientists from around the globe. A copy of the presentation delivered by Steve, entitled "Cyclone-driven sediment loads in a tropical mega-river" can be downloaded here and is availbale on our outputs page.

BBC Science in Action discuss Mekong low flows with Prof Dan Parons

The recent low water levels on the Mekong in Thailand and Laos have led to many boats being stuck in the mud, disrupting trade and transport down South East Asia's biggest highway. Prof. Dan Parsons discussed this, and other STELAR-S2S work on the BBC World Service programme Science in Action, a weekly podcast discussing new developments in science and science news from around the world. You can hear his interview below.

Prof Darby to give talk at Royal Geographical Society

On Monday 24th February, Prof Steve Darby will be giving a Monday Night Lecture at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in London. Entitled Mayhem on the Mekong, Steve's talk will explore the effect rapid hydro-power development and its effects on the annual monsoonal flood on the Mekong will have on the biodiversity and future of the river and its delta. The lecture starts at 1830 and is open to members and Fellows of the RGS. Members are allowed to bring one guest.

STELAR-S2S present work at AGU2013

The first results from the STELAR-S2S fieldwork campaigns in 2013 were presented at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December 2013. Presentations covered a range of topics including quantifying the sediment flux of mega-rivers, linking monsoonal hydrology and sediment fluxes, and near-bank flow process. The presentaions are available to download from the outputs section of the website.

STELAR work on show at Mekong delta conference, Ho Chi Minh City

In October 2013 Prof. Steve Darby attended a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City. Attended by experts from around the World, the workshop was aimed at advancing knowledge on impacts to the Mekong delta from reductions in sediment and nutrient flows. During the workshop Steve presented work entitled "Monsoons, Tropical Cyclones, Melting Glaciers and Dams: What Controls the Pulse of Bank Erosion on the Lower Mekong?". In the presentation Steve explores the role climatic variability has on bank erosion rates along the Mekong as well as partitioning the many components of the Mekong hydrograph (snow melt, monsoon and typhoons) to assess how changes in these components will affect rates of bank erosion. The presentation is available to download from the outputs section of the website.